Once you have installed MagicTrafficBot™ V1.1


How to ping single webpage.

1.  Pinging a single webpage or website homepage is easy.

In the "Target URL" box on the left side, this is where you add the webpage that you want to ping.

example: http://www.some-site-on-the-net.html

Choose any URL or web file.


2.  In the "Refferer URL" Box on the left side, this is where you add YOUR PAGE or YOUR WEBSITE info.

This is the Refferer information that will appear in the website statistics of the Target Site.


Choose any website or webpage (remember, this is where you want people to visit, so make sure its a working URL)

3.  Choose a USER AGENT from the drop-down menu. (user agents are simply browser info that identify what browser a visitor is using)

4.  Crawl Depth. This is the command to tell the bot to stay on a certain page or crawl links on a page.

Important  To remain on a certain page, choose "HOME PAGE ONLY" in the drop down menu. The Bot will stay on that page and continue to ping that page based on your requested number of times to hit.

5. To request number of times to hit, choose either REPEAT or "Number of Pings"

Then Press the START BUTTON

We suggest trying small campaigns first (less than 200) until you get used to the program.

Remember, if a webpage you are pinging has 9 images on it, then pinging it just once will create "10 Hits". 

How to 'Search & Ping' multiple webpages.

Steps 1, 2, 3, 5. (as above)

Only Step 4 is different, just choose a crawl depth from 1 to 9.

Higher the crawl depth number, the higher possibility of the program slowing down. This all depends on your internet connection speed and computer capacity.


Program is running slow, what should I do?

Closedown the bot. Re-open, then try a lower Crawl Depth or lower number of pings per session.

Sometimes, pausing the campaign then restarting it with the control buttons will help.

I have tried it on my site and nothing appears in my stats.

Check you typed in the URL of the TARGET correctly.

I don't understand something I need advice.

Please contact